26 Oct , 2016  

With great joy and sorrow we announce our last ever live performance!
We’ll be closing the Asphalte Festival in Charleroi, Saturday OCtober 29th at 23h.
Places are limited, so come early!


ATK! at Wunderground

17 Sep , 2016  

ATK! Wunderground Bruxelles Midi

We opened our bleeping and flashing installation in Metro Gare de Midi, Brussels, open every day until the 25 sept.
For Wunderground festival


ATK! at Ainjhajt Club exhibition

4 Jul , 2016  

ATK! will be presenting a new immersive installation, illuminating Q21’s Freiraum in the Museumquartier in Vienna, Austria.
Opening July 5th, 7PM.


Biela Noc Kosice

5 Oct , 2015  

Smashing Sounds, Burning Shadows at the abandoned synagogue in Kosice on October 3rd 2015.



17 Sep , 2015  

ATK! will be presenting a new installation/performance at BAM Festival Liege 22-25th of October.

Inspired by skeletons in natural history museums and feathers of birds, ATK! decided to occupy the lost space at the top of the Caserne Fonck.
The neon-encrusted bones reach for the lumber framework, casting shadows and chasing sounds.

Concept and Artwork: ATK!
Artist Production: Juliette Bibasse


[ARC] at Biela Noc Bratislava

11 Sep , 2015  

Bratislava Radio Tower ATK!

Architecture Rehabilitation Center [ARC] @ Biela Noc Bratislava October 10th 2015

As our cities got built and dreams of progress became faded symbols of architectural hubris, we grew indifferent or hostile to the stark shapes of the past.
Sometimes it takes an outsider to take a step back and realise what an impressive mirage it is.


Support by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

24 Jun , 2015  

Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Nous voudrions remercier la Ministre de la Culture et la cellule arts numériques de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles pour son soutien à une nouvelle phase de notre projet.


ATK! at Phygital Lab

5 May , 2015  

ATK! participates in the Electronic Music Program by Court Circuit at Phygital Lab Liège.
In a small talk we’ll be presenting our new bleeding edge simulation system: Alpha.



22 Jan , 2015  

ATK! will be cutting shapes and figures in the machine room at the BRASS in Forest. The installation “Contours” will be exhibited only on January 22nd, so don’t miss it!
With support of a splendid sound system in a 5 speaker immersive set-up.


Phantom Lights at Hybrid Art Festival

22 Jul , 2014   Gallery

ATK! is presenting the new installation Phantom Lights as part of the exhibition Hybrid Art Festival in Moscow, Russia. Opening was on July 23rd and runs until August 28th.