[ARC] Rozhlas Video

14 Jan , 2016  

ATK! [ARC] project on the national radio building in Bratislava Slovakia during the Biela Noc (White Night) festival.
Video courtesy of Slovak National Television, music composed by Richard Riegel (not the original ATK! composition)


Phantom Lights Trailer

17 Sep , 2015  

Phantom Lights installation by ATK! premiere at Lexus Hybrid Art 2014, Moscow Russia.


ATK! at Bruxelles Les Bains 2014

23 Sep , 2014   Video

ATK!’s contribution to the Bruxelles Les Bains opening spectacle.
Instead of the usual immersion this piece plays on a facade and three towers!
We went for a more straight sound, fitting for a mainstream event.


Phantom Lights Teaser

26 Jul , 2014   Video