Bratislava Radio Tower ATK!


[ARC] at Biela Noc Bratislava

11 Sep , 2015  

Architecture Rehabilitation Center [ARC] @ Biela Noc Bratislava October 10th 2015

As our cities got built and dreams of progress became faded symbols of architectural hubris, we grew indifferent or hostile to the stark shapes of the past.
Sometimes it takes an outsider to take a step back and realise what an impressive mirage it is.

The Architecture Rehabilitation Center does just that, it refocuses your glance and scratches the rust from your retina.
ATK! interprets the angles and planes of the edifice as a score for generating sound and light, a burst of energy to pierce through the daily din.

The Slovak Radio Building definitely qualifies for rehabilitation through ARC. Much maligned we believe it a masterpiece both in form and function and hope to convey this in our work.

Installation and performance: Ofer Smilansky and Isjtar
Artist production: Juliette Bibasse

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