Smashing Sound Burning Shadows

15 Mar , 2014  

ATK! [pronounce attack] is Ofer Smilansky and Isjtar smashing sound and burning shadows. ATK! creates live immersive experiences: performances that use light to mold buildings into textures and volumes, driven by electronic music.

The work is site-specific, ATK! looks for architecture out of the ordinary to make a one time experience. By combining lights and music, the performers influence the entire audiovisual perception of the audience’s environment, without reducing the experience to watching a screen. It gives presence to the performers, they aren’t anonymous robots hiding behind screens, but visible and active manipulators of the audiovisual scape.

ATK! stands for dynamic performances with a huge sound, majestic lights. It stands for performers who fuse with the music and each other. It stands for taking it to the next level because we have to.

Picture by (c) Caroline Lessire

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