Support by the Flemish authorities

20 Jul , 2014  

We are happy to announce that the Flemish authorities have decided to support the next phase of ATK!


Les Bains opening spectacle featuring ATK! July 4th

2 Jul , 2014  

ATK! will be adding a cataclysmic touch to a sunny festival. 5 minutes of sound and light in on the canal to set towers alight. The show will start at 22h30, at the canal, Quai des Peniches.



ATK! in Splendor, Amsterdam June 6th

1 Jun , 2014  

Attack and Sustain

ATK! is off to Amsterdam for an 8 channel surround music set. An excellent occasion to showcase the new sounds that were brewing in the last few months. A bit less beats, a lot more atmosphere, all with an ATK! edge.

More info on the Splendor site:


ATK! Live at La Monnaie De Munt

15 Mar , 2014  

We prepared a new show with fresh sounds, circular dynamics and lots of drama. Burning shadows in a whole new way.